Best 5 Access Control Systems Manufacturers

Access Control Systems
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Having locks and other security devices on your property makes sense. You don’t want intruders on your property for their ulterior motives. The same goes for computer systems and networks. Cybercriminals will take advantage of unsecure entry points if you don’t protect them.

What Is Access Control?

In this context, access control refers to the process by which you manage the people and devices that want to interact with your system and prevent malicious activities. Leaving your data accessible to all could result in disaster. It could not only be altered, but it could also be stolen.

Using access control, you can track your users, verify their identities, and determine their motives for accessing your data. The use of an access control system, for example, will make a cybercriminal unable to break into your system. Your system will evaluate their claims for authenticity, and if your access control system suspects foul play, it could prevent what would have been a cyberattack.

How Does Access Control Work?

Authentication and authorization are the two major components of access control.

Authentication serves as a lie detector by evaluating the device or network connection of a user to verify if they are who they claim to be. Having stored the user’s credentials in your database previously, your system compares the credentials the user enters with the ones in your database to determine if they match. Access control systems block users from gaining access if both credentials do not match.

In single-factor authentication, the user ID and password must match the records in the system before the user is able to gain access. Adding multi-factor authentication is crucial to strengthening your access control system because cybercriminals have devised ways to bypass single-factor authentication using password-hacking techniques such as brute force.

Access rights and privileges are determined by authorization. Authorization explains what level of access a user has to your network. It works in accordance with your access policies. Using it, your access control system can approve or deny users access to your network based on their credentials and activities.

Before a user can enter your system, authorization verifies their credentials in addition to granting them access privileges. In access control, authorization and authentication work together to verify that a user is who they claim to be and stays within the confines of the access granted to them.

Best 5 Access Control Systems Manufacturers

For ample security on their premises, businesses around the world use access control systems today. With the advancement of access control technology, more companies are offering robust access control systems based on the cloud and other options to businesses.

Different manufacturers design different types of door access control and security systems tailored to different industries. Choosing the right access control manufacturer for your business and industry can be difficult. We’ve created a list of the top five access control manufacturers that cater to the commercial industry, along with which industry each manufacturer best serves.

1. Honeywell

Access control technology manufacturer Honeywell is a great choice for healthcare facilities. It’s because Honeywell does more than just access control that they are so efficient in the healthcare space. They also offer additional technologies – security systems and beyond – that healthcare facilities can integrate into their access control system to create a streamlined technology solution. Healthcare staff can manage Honeywell access control systems remotely using easy-to-use software. Access control systems can be integrated with other healthcare technology, such as visitor management systems, video surveillance, and airflow control.

2. SecuraKey

Honeywell is one of the best access control technology manufacturers for healthcare facilities because they do so much more than just access control. In addition to access control systems, they offer other technologies that can be integrated into healthcare facilities’ access control systems to create streamlined technology solutions. With Honeywell access control systems, healthcare staff can manage them remotely with easy-to-use software. The use of access control systems can be integrated with other healthcare technologies, such as visitor management systems, video surveillance, and airflow control systems.

3. HID Global

With one of the most comprehensive and all-inclusive commercial access control systems on the market, HID is a leading manufacturer of access control systems for businesses worldwide. They provide access control services such as various authentication technologies, citizen identity, ID card printing, access management, RFID identification, multi-factor authentication, and more. For many commercial industries, HID is a customizable solution, allowing businesses to choose the type of door reader, the authentication method, the software, and more, based on their organization’s needs. Therefore, they are ideal for commercial offices such as banks, financial centers, law firms, and government agencies.

4. Salto Systems

Access control systems from Salto Systems are used in more than 6,000 hotels and resorts around the world, making them a top-rated manufacturer. In addition to providing security systems for the hotels hospitality industry, they are well-equipped to assist other industries, including government, commercial, and healthcare. Hotels and other businesses can find a solution that meets their specific needs with Salto’s modern access control system, offering multiple options for credentials and door readers. Also, Salto’s solution can be integrated with time and attendance systems on the back end, making it an ideal solution for hotels and hospitality businesses.

5. Genetec

Among the top choices for schools, universities, and educational facilities are Genetec’s access control systems, which are an industry leader in manufacturing security systems, including access control. Schools and other educational facilities can maintain great security by increasing situational intelligence, improving parking management with license plate recognition, and securing entire campuses with Genetec products and services. School access control systems are easily integrated with video surveillance systems and other security technologies, allowing them to provide security coverage for a wide range of entrances and areas around campuses.