Best 5 Men’S Slide Sandals with Arch Support

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While most quality sneakers and loafers offer some arch support and cushioning in the heel, sandals can often be like a valley of flat rubber slides when it comes to shoes. You can avoid a lot of pain by choosing the best men’s sandals with arch support if you have aching feet or plan on walking longer than a few feet.

Having supportive soles makes your feet happy because they stabilize the heel and distribute your weight evenly throughout your foot, reducing pressure on particular areas. According to podiatrist Mindy J. Trotter, DPM, of the University of Iowa, people with higher arches will benefit most from adequate arch support in helping relieve pressure and strain, as well as cushioning the foot from impact when walking.

For those with low arches, it is important to find shoes that stabilize the heel without having too high an arch, so as not to interfere with range of motion. Heels benefit from cushioning and shock absorption.

Fortunately, there are plenty of sandals — even some flip-flops — that offer support and cushioning where you need it if you know where to look. You might even prefer some of these customer-approved sandals over sneakers or loafers because they are so comfortable. Whenever a day at the beach turns into a walk along the beach, you’ll be eager to walk the extra mile in the best sandals for arch support.

1, KuaiLu Mens Recovery Sandals 

KuaiLu Mens Recovery Sandals With Comfortable Plantar Fasciitis Arch Support

  • Sport Recovery – High Density Soft Rubber Insole

With the 2cm thick high-density soft insole, you will experience immediate relaxation of the tight muscles and bones of your foot, pain relief, pressure reduction and quick recovery from exercise injuries.

  • Professional Arch Support

The biomechanics arch design provides a comfortable and effective support for your feet, corrects leg shape, corrects and relaxes your feet, reduces foot pain and pressure on the arch, makes you feel less fatigued standing for a long time, alleviates plantar fasciitis and other foot problems, and creates a natural and comfortable environment for your plantar.

  • Double Non-Slip Design

This insole features a horizontal grain pattern that prevents the foot from sliding on it, and the sole features a concave convex pattern that alternates horizontal and vertical to improve traction and improve the Non-Slip property.

2, Arizona Soft Footbed – Leather

Arizona Soft Footbed - Leather

Birkenstock’s contoured footbed provides firm, stable support, a neutral stance that allows toes to stretch, and a natural walking motion that promotes optimal blood flow and toe movement.

Microscopic air bubbles cushion your feet while providing moderate arch support on the soft footbed. It features a foam layer inserted between a cork layer and suede lining.

Anatomically correct cork footbed crafted from renewable and sustainable resources.

Designed with a neutral heel profile and a deep heel cup, this shoe distributes your body weight more evenly while keeping your heel secure.

Support is provided by an EVA outsole that is lightweight and shock absorbing.

3, PowerStep ArchWear Orthotic Sandals

PowerStep ArchWear Orthotic Sandals

PowerStep ArchWearTM Men’s Sandals are true orthotic sandals that provide all the freedom and stability you expect from a flip flop, plus all the comfort and support you expect from PowerStep®.

The soft lining and nylon webbing toe post prevent the straps from digging into the skin.

For those with standard arches, this contoured, anatomical neutral arch support features a deep heel cradle for maximum support and stability.

With each step, a cushioned midsole absorbs shock and impacts, reducing foot and leg fatigue.

Designed with a lightweight outsole and non-slip tread for better traction in wet or slippery conditions.

The perfect balance of comfort and style.

4, Skechers Arch Fit Motley SD

Skechers Arch Fit Motley SD

Wear the Skechers Arch Fit® SD – Malico sandal in warmer weather. This thong style sandal features a smooth oiled leather upper that is paired with an Arch Fit® cushioned footbed for the ultimate in comfort.

  • Anatomically contoured Skechers Arch Fit® footbed with podiatrist-certified arch support

  • Developed using 120,000 unweighted foot scans and 20 years of data from podiatrists

  • With a contoured footbed, shock is reduced and weight is dispersed more evenly

5, Rejuvenate Recovery Sandal


  • Tested by Heeluxe: Heeluxe, the footwear industry’s gold standard, uses patented technology to compare comfort and performance of its products against similar contest styles under conditions that replicate the real-world wear and tear.

  • A superior level of dynamic stability.

  • For maximum recovery, the foot contact & pressure distribution are superior.

  • A deep heel cup and oversized sidewalls are part of the molded EVA footbed.

  • Balance cushion with dual density in the midsole.

  • Massage footbed with textured surface.

  • Upper with adjustable cushioning.

  • Outsole made of durable rubber.

  • The heel height is 2.0 inches.