Best 5 Trade Show Booth Equipment Suppliers

trade show booth
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Since decades, trade shows have played a vital role in marketing businesses across a wide range of industries. Even though social media and paid online ads have drastically changed the advertising landscape in recent years, your business can still benefit from participating in a trade show with your own booth.

Custom trade booths can make all the difference, especially if you want to spread the word about your services in a specific community or industry.

The 4 Types of Trade Show Booths

1. Inline booth

Inline booths are the most common booths in a trade show. They are also known by their linear or row names. Inline booths are sometimes referred to as perimeter booths if their booths are backed against the venue’s walls. A straight line of these booths is usually formed with other inline booths and corner booths. Only the front of the booth is exposed to the aisle.

2. Peninsula booth

Peninsula booth

In a peninsula booth, which is situated at the end of an aisle, you can access the booth from three sides, with the back of it facing another booth across the aisle. There are two types of peninsula booths:

  • In the first type, a booth is installed in front of the machine.
  • The second type of booth has its back to another peninsula booth, which creates a small island all by itself.

3. Corner booth

Corner booth

As the name implies, a corner booth is located at the end of an aisle. It is the most significant difference between an inline booth and a corner booth in that it allows attendees to access the booth from two sides. One along the horizontal aisle and the other from a vertical aisle. In comparison with an inline booth, the corner booth is exposed from two aisles, so it is expected that the exhibitor will receive a greater number of visitors.

4. Island booth

Island booth

The island booth is an open booth that is accessible to attendees from all sides, as it is accessible from all sides. As a result, it tends to attract the most attention from the attendees of all the booth types, but it is also the most costly since it requires the most elaborate design.

Best 5 Trade Show Booth Equipment Suppliers

Listed below are the best trade show booth design companies, exhibition stand builders that you can use for your next exhibition booth or stall design project.


Website: has been in business for over 9 years, and offers the most aggressive pricing online by developing personal relationships with the nation’s leading suppliers. Despite their unbeatable pricing, they’re here to compete on what’s most important to them – SERVICE & SUPPORT!

2, Displayoverstock


They have become the foremost resource for companies looking to gain an edge on their competitors by buying in bulk and seeking overstock inventory from their vendors, distributors, manufacturers, and other online resellers. By staying within budget and without sacrificing quality, they provide their customers with the ability to meet and exceed their marketing demands.

3, Boothpop


Based in Riverside, CA, they store their entire inventory in their main warehouse. They have served thousands of businesses in Southern California since they opened their doors in 2013. They hope to continue their growth by introducing new and exciting products to their diverse clientele. They aim to impress with their clients’ growth in mind and they will strive to deliver the best products and services for years to come.

4, Expomarketing


The ExpoMarketing Company was founded in 1991 and is an award-winning trade show designing and exhibit company in the heart of Orange County, California. Established in 1991, they have the experience and talent to be a leading innovator.

5, Monsterdisplays


Since 2000, Monster Displays, based in Miami, FL, has been providing customers with better displays at affordable prices, helping small businesses compete with the big boys. As Budget Displays, they started in Roseville, CA. Over the years, they have worked with more than 30,000 companies.