Best 5 Firewood Processor Manufacturers

firewood processor manufacturers
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When it comes to efficiently turning raw logs into high-quality firewood, the choice of a reliable firewood processor is paramount. Whether you’re a professional logger or a homeowner with a wood-burning stove, investing in a top-notch firewood processor can significantly streamline the wood processing task. In this article, we explore the best 5 firewood processor manufacturers that stand out in the industry.

What is a Firewood Processor?

firewood processor

A firewood processor is a specialized piece of equipment designed to streamline the process of converting raw logs into firewood. This machine automates and accelerates the various steps involved in firewood production, making it more efficient and less labor-intensive. The primary goal of a firewood processor is to cut, split, and sometimes even convey firewood pieces, turning large logs into manageable and uniform-sized pieces suitable for use in stoves, fireplaces, or other heating applications.

What Does a Firewood Processor Do?

1.Log Loading

Firewood processors typically have a mechanism for loading logs onto the machine. This can involve a conveyor system or other automated means to move logs into the processing area.


Once the logs are loaded, the firewood processor cuts them into predetermined lengths. This is a crucial step in preparing the logs for further processing. The cutting mechanism can use chainsaw bars, circular saws, or other cutting tools depending on the design of the processor.


After the logs are cut into sections, the splitting mechanism comes into play. This component splits the log sections into smaller, more manageable firewood pieces. The splitting force can be adjusted based on the type of wood and the desired size of the firewood.

4.Conveying (Optional)

Some firewood processors include a conveying system that transports the split firewood pieces to a collection area or container. This feature reduces the need for manual handling and enhances overall efficiency.

5.Power Source

Firewood processors are powered by engines, which can be gasoline or diesel-powered. Some models may also have electric options. The power source drives the cutting and splitting mechanisms, providing the necessary force to process the logs.

6.Control System

Modern firewood processors often come equipped with user-friendly control systems. Operators can use these controls to adjust settings such as log length, cutting thickness, and splitting force. This allows for customization based on specific production requirements.

7.Productivity and Efficiency

The primary goal of a firewood processor is to increase productivity and efficiency in firewood production. By automating the cutting and splitting processes, the machine can handle large volumes of wood in a shorter amount of time compared to manual methods.


Firewood processors are designed to handle various types of wood, including hardwood and softwood. This versatility makes them suitable for different applications, from small-scale firewood production for personal use to large-scale operations for commercial purposes.

Key Features to Consider

  • Efficiency: How much wood can it process in an hour? This determines its suitability for personal or commercial use.
  • Portability: Wheels, trailer mounts, or skid steer attachments can determine how easy it is to move.
  • Power Source: They can be PTO-driven (hooked to a tractor), gas-powered, or electric.
  • Log Diameter Capacity: The maximum size of logs it can handle.
  • Splitting Force: Measured in tons, this indicates the strength of the machine.
  • Safety Features: Essential to prevent accidents.

Below are the best 5 firewood processor manufacturers:

1.Henan Zhangsheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

Henan Zhangsheng Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive mechanical equipment enterprise that seamlessly integrates research and development, production, sales, service, and installation. Specializing in the manufacturing of wood pellet lines, wood chippers, sawdust crushers, horizontal grinders, biomass pellet machines, and more, the company goes beyond conventional models by offering customized solutions tailored to the specific needs of users. Additionally, the company provides complimentary installation services and assures the quality of its products.

Benefiting from two decades of rich experience, the company has developed mature and highly efficient solutions that prioritize low pollution, durability, and reliability in wood processing. With a total construction area of 2,000 square meters, a dedicated team of over 50 skilled employees, and a widespread network of more than 15 sales and service agencies both domestically and internationally.

The company boasts a well-equipped facility featuring over 30 sets of various processing equipment, enabling it to independently complete more than 20 technological processes, including turning, planing, and grinding. Notably, 80% of the machine parts are manufactured in-house, ensuring stringent quality control. For the remaining components, the company sources internationally recognized brands, enhancing the overall credibility and reliability of its products.

2.Shandong Jierui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

ShanDong JieRui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality sawmills. Established in 2008, the company has consistently demonstrated a commitment to the production and research and development (R&D) of sawmills, sincerely serving over 13,000 enterprises worldwide. Its products have gained global recognition, having been exported to 80 countries.

Covering a diverse array of product lines, ShanDong JieRui Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. includes log sawing equipment, solid wood furniture processing machinery, wood shredding equipment, and saw band production lines in its extensive portfolio. The company’s dedication to standardized quality management and service has positioned it favorably as the world’s premier supplier of sawmills.

3.Qingdao Boruite Machinery Co., Ltd.

Qingdao Boruite Machinery Co., Ltd. is situated in Qingdao, Shandong province, China, and specializes in the manufacturing of high-quality and competitively priced forestry and agricultural machinery. With over two decades of experience in designing, manufacturing, and distributing forestry machinery globally, the company has established itself as a reliable presence in the industry. Its primary markets include southern Europe, northern Europe, eastern Europe, western Europe, Oceania, central America, and more.

The core product offerings from Qingdao Boruite Machinery Co., Ltd. encompass log splitters, firewood processors, sawmills, wood chippers, brake discs, and more. The company’s ownership of its manufacturing facility enables it to provide customers with the best quality at the most competitive prices.

With a dedicated business department comprising 50 professionals, the company is committed to delivering prompt and efficient services. Upholding the principles of “quality and service first, continuous improvement, and innovation,” Qingdao Boruite Machinery Co., Ltd. sets “zero defect, zero complaints” as its quality objective.

4.Henan Bontrue New Materials Co., Ltd.

Henan Bonture New Material stands as China’s foremost supplier, dedicated to delivering prompt quotes, top-notch refractory products, competitive pricing, and expedited deliveries for refractory engineering solutions. Established in Zhengzhou in east-central China, the company brings over years of expertise in refractory engineering, emphasizing research and development to offer a comprehensive range of high-quality, innovative, and cost-effective refractory products and engineering solutions.

Currently, the company’s primary product offerings include refractory bricks, tabular alumina, furnace slag, refining slag, taphole clay, well blocks, tapping hole blocks, and nozzle bricks.

As an ISO9001:2015 certified supplier, equipped with advanced production lines and inspection equipment, Henan Bonture New Material ensures a diverse array of refractory products. Supported by expert R&D technical assistance, the company fosters close relationships with customers, playing a pivotal role in the entire supply and manufacturing chain. The commitment to superior quality, innovative solutions, and customer satisfaction solidifies Henan Bonture New Material’s position as a leading force in China’s refractory industry.

5.Yantai Rima Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yantai Rima Machinery Cooperation Limited, established in 2014, is a professional manufacturer committed to the research, development, production, sale, and service of agriculture and forest machines. Conveniently located in Yantai with accessible transportation, the company places a strong emphasis on strict quality control and attentive customer service. The experienced staff members are readily available to discuss customers’ requirements and ensure complete satisfaction.

With extensive expertise in the fields of agriculture and forest machinery, RIMA has the capability to design durable, high-performance machines tailored to meet the diverse needs of clients. Notably, the firewood processor has obtained CE certification, meeting stringent standards set in place since July 2018.

The commitment to quality and innovation is reflected in the global reach of the products, which are exported to countries and regions including Germany, France, the UK, Italy, Sweden, Canada, and more. The company also welcomes OEM and ODM orders, providing flexibility to meet specific customer requirements. Whether selecting a product from the catalog or seeking engineering assistance, the customer service center is available to address sourcing needs.