Best 5 Tattoo Bed for Sale

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Getting a tattoo is certainly thrilling. However, it may be taxing for both the customer and the tattoo artist. A tattoo might take several hours of continuous tattooing to finish, thus the furniture at tattoo shops must be high-quality and comfortable.

If you own a tattoo parlor, you understand what we mean. Cheap furniture can tire you out far faster and might cause major back, arm, and leg problems. Good furniture is pleasant, adapts to the body, and is easily adaptable.

A high-quality tattoo chair may make or break your shop’s professional image and how comfortable your clients are. From tattoo-specific tables to face bed designs to massage tables, we’ve selected the greatest possibilities. A comfortable client is a still client, and isn’t that a thing of beauty?

1. EDITOR’S CHOICE: InkBed Electric Tattoo Bed

InkBed Electric Tattoo BedClick here to buy

The Electric InkBed may be for you if you want a high level of personalization with seamless electric transitions.

Every aspect of this chair has been developed with tattoo artists in mind, including adjustable leg rests, armrests, back, footrest, and headrest.

You may raise or lower the entire chair using the accompanying remote for your client’s comfort and to bring them up to a more ergonomic working height for you. Anything that allows you to avoid working hunched over is an excellent purchase. The remote also controls the leg rests, which may be independently elevated or lowered or flung open and to the sides. (not independently.)

When the leg rests are tucked all the way to the sides, the InkBed transforms into an excellent rear-facing chair for working on backs. The cobra-style backrest allows the client to straddle the chair securely, and the leg rests are out of the way so the artist can get up close and personal. There is an armbar on the back of the seat for your customers to grab and an adjustable footrest on the back of the chair to make this posture even more comfortable for them.

The headrest is height adjustable and detachable. When the pillow section is removed, a cushioned cushion with a cutout for resting face down is revealed. It may also recline to lie fully flat.

The hydraulic version of this chair lacks armrests, but this one does. Each armrest is detachable, height adjustable, and mounted on a ball-joint, allowing you to achieve a wide range of angles.

The chair has a built-in power strip with three outlets and two USB connectors for your convenience. What customer wouldn’t appreciate being able to charge their phone throughout extended sessions?

It has locking casters for convenient mobility and caps to hold the chair in position. It’s remarkably sturdy for being on wheels and has a lot of wonderful cushioning foam. InkBed provides a one-year guarantee for this product.

2. Dream In Reality Electric Tattoo Bed

 Electric Treatment BedClick here to buy

Electric adjustments are excellent, but remote controls are another possible source of cross-contamination. The DIR Tattoo Bed eliminates this by allowing its motorized adjustability to be operated by a remote or foot pedals.

The chair’s height and backrest angle are controlled electrically and may be adjusted from an upright seated position to completely horizontal. There is a wide range of height adjustment available to bring your customers up to a more ergonomic level for you.

The leg rest and armrests are also adjustable, but must be done manually. That’s a minor inconvenience on paper, but it’s not a big issue in practice.

I appreciate how the armrests and headrest can be removed to reveal a face cut out and matching filler pillow. It features a very wide base, which makes it a very strong treatment table that your customers will feel comfortable on.

3. SkinAct Marco Electric Treatment Bed

 Electric Treatment BedClick here to buy

A chair that seems more like a treatment table or face bed is a suitable choice for individuals who provide both traditional tattooing and body art procedures like micro-blading and cosmetic tattooing. The more upscale, medical look reassures apprehensive consumers who are new to these services.

The Marco by SkinAct is a good option here. It’s stable, appealing, and includes a variety of electronic modifications. Its four motors regulate the chair’s height, angle of the backrest, angle of the leg rest, and angle of the entire chair itself, allowing it to be tilted if necessary.

Because there is a portable remote, you will be able to access the controls from practically any location. The armrests and headrest may be removed, and the headrest and leg rest can both be extended as needed. In the headrest, there is a detachable filler pillow that may be removed for face-down configuration.

It does not rotate, so if that’s a must-have feature, look at the SkinAct Bents Table instead.

4. StrongLite Ergo Pro II Portable Massage Chair

Portable Massage ChairClick here to buy

Consider the Ergo Pro II if you want something foldable or portable that you can carry out expressly for back tattoos.

This portable massage chair is strong, folds easily for storage, and weighs only 24 pounds. With a working weight of 600 pounds, it can carry a lot despite its tiny weight.

It can be adjusted to meet a variety of heights and angles, but it is solely intended for rear-facing sitting. For those who need to keep their legs straight or cannot put pressure on their knees, the leg pads are detachable. It has offset wheels, making it easier to maneuver while maintaining stability.

Working on a face-down client will create back strain over time, thus working on a rear-facing, upright client is better ergonomic for you as an artist.

5. BarberPub Multi-Purpose Table

Multi-Purpose TableClick here to buy

Consider the BarberPub Multi-Purpose Table if you’re on a tight budget. It’s an excellent first chair because it’s adjustable and doesn’t have too many bells and whistles.

This is a basic chair that can be adjusted from a fully reclined posture to a reclined seated position. Both the backrest and the leg rest may be manually adjusted independently. Its modification is more akin to a pool lounger and it cannot sit entirely erect.

What Are the Benefits of an Electric Tattoo Bed?

For those wishing to create a high-end ambience, an electric tattoo chair is an excellent option. These are ideal if you also perform microblading or other body art operations.

They are often very adjustable in order to keep people comfortable and lovely for senior populations and disabled customers who may have difficulty climbing up onto a high table.

Some of the better examples of these alternatives are marketed as face beds.

What Are the Benefits of an Electric Tattoo Bed?

An electric tattoo chair is an excellent option for people who want to create a high-end ambience. These are ideal for microblading and other body art operations.

They are very adaptable to keep people comfortable and good for senior populations and disabled individuals who may have difficulty climbing up onto a high table.

Some of the better examples of these alternatives are offered as a face bed.

How Do I Choose the Right Tattoo Table for Me?

This is determined by your location, money, clients, and the sort of job you conduct.