Servicenow Store: What is It? Benefits of Servicenow Store Apps

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If you use ServiceNow products in your business, you have already had the chance to discover that their many modules can be used to address virtually any kind of business need that you may have. However, you can gain even more benefit from ServiceNow.

This article will introduce you to the ServiceNow Store and explain how it can help you discover the ideal ServiceNow application for enhancing your company’s productivity and providing a better level of service to your customers.

What is the ServiceNow Store?

This is a marketplace where you will be able to find certified apps and integration solutions for business continuity, capacity planning, communication, content planning, disaster recovery, enterprise mobility management, event management, monitoring, orchestration, security, and a wide range of other use cases that are part of the company’s infrastructure.

As part of the Now Platform®, which consists of IT, business units (for example, Human Resources, Customer Service), and shared services that digitize, connect, and automate processes across your enterprise, ServiceNow store apps were developed. These apps are all designed in compliance with the platform’s core technology, and there are both free and paid versions available. It is possible to choose from two types of apps: apps developed by ServiceNow and apps developed by ServiceNow Partners.

By categorizing and filtering apps and integrations by different criteria, you can easily locate the apps and integrations that are suited to your particular needs. Instead of having to browse dozens of pages with products, you will be able to choose the type of tool you need, the price range, release if available, and the purpose of the tool.

All of the ServiceNow apps have been thoroughly tested for compatibility, security, and performance, as well as their respective approvals by experts at ServiceNow. They have undergone thorough tests for compatibility, security, and performance, and have been deemed error-proof by expert ServiceNow teams.

It is imperative that the application code, architecture, installation patterns, and even prior releases are given the utmost attention and are reviewed more rigorously during the certification process to ensure seamless integrations and smooth operation of all the tools involved.

ServiceNow Store Apps Benefits

In addition to the general benefits of ServiceNow’s official store already mentioned in the previous section, there are some additional advantages you should consider when choosing the right ServiceNow custom application. Here are some of them:

1. Easy installation. It is important to note that when you choose solutions from the official marketplace of the company, you are able to access them safely within the platform, using your Now Support credentials. Additionally, ServiceNow facilitates the distribution of apps listed in its store, as well as the installation and update of ServiceNow ® Express Certified IntegrationsTM.

2. Quick time to value. There is no need to spend months researching product integrations, developing the solution, and implementing it. For all tools available at the app store, ServiceNow guarantees productivity, safety, and support of the platform core technologies. Therefore, getting value from your product or service will not take much time.

3. Proven compatibility. You do not need to worry about any of the plugins or tools not supporting the technology or running with interruptions or errors since they have all been thoroughly tested before being placed in the ServiceNow Store. Furthermore, you can verify that the app is compatible with both the platform’s current and previous releases prior to selecting it on the marketplace.

4. Reduced time to testing. All custom applications in the ServiceNow store have been tested and certified accordingly, so all you need to do is verify whether the integration meets your requirements.

5. Unlimited possibilities. With a vast partner ecosystem, there are innovative apps for all purposes and departments. By deploying all useful products on the platform, you can significantly increase ROI and extend the value of your investment.

6. Training. If you opt to use the certified ServiceNow apps, you can also rely on the support of the developers. Also, technical partners may offer educational sessions related to Store app listings on a regular basis. On the Events page, you can find upcoming training sessions that suit your needs.