Tips for Applying Eyebrow Pencil to Thin Eyebrows

eyebrow pencil
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Whether it’s your eyebrows or not, how you shape them can have a huge impact on the way you look. There are people who are blessed with full, beautiful eyebrows. We all have to work harder to achieve such brows. However, for those of us with thin or sparse brows, it seemed almost impossible. How are you supposed to accomplish onfleek brows when yours are nonexistent? There are a few easy ways to achieve fuller-looking brows without looking like you’ve attached caterpillars to your face. No need to stress if your eyebrows are sparse; we’re sharing our tricks for shaping (and faking) them.

Here’s How To Fill In Sparse And Thin Eyebrows

  1. Boost Your Hair

By lifting the eyebrow hair, you expose the skin underneath, which your pencil will stick to. Use a mascara wand or a spoolie brush to comb your brow hair up.

  1. Make a line parallel to the top

Using a thin straight line, start at your arch and extend down slightly past your brow. Feel free to exaggerate your arch a bit by drawing the line at a sharper angle. Draw quick, short lines that mimic the hairs in your eyebrows, filling in the front half by drawing a sharp angle. Create a smooth shape by drawing just past your arch.

  1. Make sure that there are no extra gaps in your work

If you want more of an overall thicker, more defined look, you should do this along the length of your arches. If you do not want to use a pencil to apply the colour, you should instead use a waterproof cream gel formula. To apply the colour, you should use the applicator that comes with the pencil.

  1. The brush should be brushed out

By using the wand or a spoolie, brush the brows back into their natural position, comb the hairs up and away and you will be able to blend the pencil better with your natural brows as well as align the hairs in the same direction.

  1. Set the highlight

Once you have mastered filling in both brows, you’ll notice how they subtly frame your face and make your eyes pop, so you need to finish with a swipe of highlighter just below your arch, along your brow bone. If you want extra staying power, go over your work with a clear brow gel or brow powder.

What You Should Remember When Doing Thin Eyebrows?

  • Before going to sleep every night, apply a few drops of coconut oil or vitamin E oil on your eyebrows. These oils are known to encourage the growth of your eyebrows.
  • The shade you should choose should not only take into account your skin’s natural undertones, but also your hair’s highlights and lowlights.
  • When you have thin eyebrows, it’s important to let them grow out as much as possible before you groom them too much.