The 8 Most Effective Ways to Clean with Scrubber Dryers

scrubber dryer
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There are 8 tips you need to know in order to get the most out of your scrubber dryers every day, if you want to clean efficiently. Discover 8 tips that will allow you to do this.

  • Use a chemical portioning system. If you don’t use enough chemical in your scrubber dryer, you will not be able to clean effectively. If you do, you will also risk leaving residual chemical on the floor. It will also save your team time and money by removing and emptying the solution tank after each use, since you won’t have to mix the detergent into the water manually. A chemical dispensing system will also save them the trouble of mixing the detergent into the water manually.
  • The scrubber dryer machine should be thoroughly washed and allowed to dry after each use. It is impossible to clean a floor with dirty equipment. All parts, including the brushes and pads, should be thoroughly washed and allowed to dry after each use.
  • Keep the squeegees and blades in good condition so that the scrubber dryer can effectively pick up the contaminated water if the squeegees are not maintained in good condition. Please refer to the article: “Maximizing the life and performance of your floor scrubber.” for more information about maintenance.
  • In order for the scrubber dryer to dry efficiently and eliminate bacteria that cause odors, you must keep the lid of the tank open after use.
  • Getting good scrubber dryer cleaning results depends on using the right amount of water and chemicals and giving the machine time to do its job. Don’t go too fast. Make sure the water flow rate and the pressure are adjusted accordingly based on the soil load on the floor, and allow sufficient dwell time for the water to work. Depending on your needs, you can choose between stand on scrubber dryers or ride-on scrubber dryers, as well as walk-behind scrubber dryers.
  • Cylinder scrubber dryers are a type of machine that wet sweeps large amounts of debris off the floor and scrubs it clean in one pass. This is one of the reasons why it is often recommended to use cylindrical scrubbing when necessary. In applications where there is a lot of loose debris, a cylindrical machine can save time as pre-sweeping is not needed.
  • If you would like to remove bacteria from the surface of a floor, use a pad that contains diamonds or cubic zirconia. Pads containing microscopic diamonds or cubic zirconia provide excellent cleaning results for certain types of floors. In real-world tests, these pads have been shown to significantly reduce the number of bacteria on floors.
  • When it comes to stubborn soils, it may be necessary to double scrub the area if it is exceptionally dirty, or if the soils are extremely stubborn.


What is a scrubber machine used for?

Automatic Scrubbers are cleaning machines that can be used in places where traditional mops and buckets are not available to clean the floor. They work by applying cleaning solution to the floor and vigorously scrubbing and drying the floor surface all in one motion.

How much does a scrubber machine cost?

The cost of a scrubber-making machine can vary depending on the features, brand, production capacity, or any other factors that may affect the price of the machine. If you purchase a scrubber-making machine, expect it to cost a minimum of Rs 90k-95k.

Which type of scrubber is best?

As an organic scrubber can be a great option for your skin as well as the environment, they are made with materials that are all-natural, and because of this, they will not cause any harm to your skin. Additionally, you should make sure you clean your scrubber properly, as it can become a breeding ground for bacteria over time.

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